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“While working with a designer was, initially, somewhat of a leap of faith for me, I consider myself very fortunate to have found such a talented person with whom to collaborate as Cathy. She was able to take my “artistic” visions and achieve practical, and beautiful, results. As you would expect, Cathy has excellent communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. More importantly, she understood my wishes and my style, and was able to diplomatically temper my more fantastical requests with realistic and appealing alternatives and had the knowledge of and access to products that dramatically enhanced my ideas of what was possible. Cathy met all deadlines, calmly solved those inevitable glitches that occur during the implementation phase of the project and was always accessible and responsive.” “...They have created for me an interior space that has warmth as well as energy and that is both stylish and engaging. And they did it on time, and on budget. My only regret is that I have run out kitchens and bathrooms for them to revitalize.”

Yvonne Sutor, Chicago, IL

“Great Job! We could not be more pleased with our new bathroom. The transformation from the 1920’s to today is unbelievable. Design, material and selection and color coordination could not have been better. You met and exceeded all of our needs and expectations.”
Bill Kusack, Park Ridge, IL
“We also wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we are enjoying our wonderful new kitchen. There is not a day that passes that we don’t say how much we love it. It has changed the way we feel and function in that room. We cook more and actually eat in the kitchen instead of in front of the television (most days)…..Amidst all of the dust and disruption, you and Stanley made the whole thing as trouble free as anything could be…..Thanks again to all of you for being to wonderful and professional throughout the whole process. We look forward to being able to work with you again as we move toward some other remodeling projects.”
Liha and Chris Arnold, Evanston, IL
“Cathy, as our lead designer, was so easy to work with, listened to everything we wanted, gave advice as needed, followed every little detail, and went above and beyond the call to be helpful follow through. You may not believe it, but I am actually sorry to see this project end….I look forward to future projects at some point in time. I can and will heartily recommend you to anyone who asks. Many thanks for all the hard work and advice. We have a home now that we can live in forever.”
Karen and Dennis Solt, Park Ridge, IL
“I could never have believed my kitchen and baths (and front porch!) would turn out to be so beautiful, and I could never become a designer like you. Even if I had an ounce of talent in that direction, planning someone else’s kitchen, watching it come to fruition and then giving it to the homeowner and walking away would be a little like handing over my child for adoption. I just couldn’t do it. Therefore, I can’t tell you how much I admire you and your talent.”
Carol Leigh, Park Ridge, IL
“Okay, you and I both know how ecstatic I’ve been over the LOOK of the kitchen. Well, you just have know how perfectly the kitchen WORKED for dinner preparation. I swear I used every dish, pan, and utensil I owned, and the cupboards and drawers actually made perfect sense to me. (The only time I collapsed in laughter is when I momentarily headed to the stove for ice cubes, I’m still getting used to the change).”
Carol Leigh, Park Ridge, IL
“I hired Cathy to help me update my kitchen. She had redone a bathroom for me a few years back and I found her to be very easy to work with. I like her ideas, suggestions and always is there to answer questions. If a problem arises, she finds a solution. In other words, she is terrific and I can highly recommend her. I was so glad that she was willing to take on a smaller job and I really ejoyed working with her.”
Heidi Langele, Palatine, IL
“Just wanted to say that I am loving my heated bathroom floor (as well as the rest of the work!)!. Now that the weather has turned colder, I am leaving it on all day and night. I haven't had to turn the har past 60 degress upstairs as the floor warms the master bath and the bedrooms can stay cooler for sleeping. I am sure I will se savings in our heating bill. Anyways, it is wonderful to go in the lovely bathroom in the morning and then for my shower of bath after tennis. If any of your clients are considering it, I highly recommend!”
Roby Lowes, Naperville, IL
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